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Sewickley Outdoor Signs
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Sewickley Outdoor Signs


Do you need to make your Sewickley business more visible or attract more customers? There’s a simple solution for that!

custom storefront with channel lettersAttractive, high-quality outdoor signs let people know who you are, where you are, and what you do.

Our experienced team designs powerful, stand-out signs for numerous business types and associations. From outdoor banners to neon storefront signs, Pittsburgh Sign Company can create the ideal sign for you.

Outdoor signage is the face of your Sewickley business. Make yours stand out from the crowd and attract all the right kind of attention.

Contact Pittsburgh Sign Company today at 412-365-4699 to arrange a Free Consultation with an Exterior Sign Specialist.

Storefront Signs

Flour + Co Hanging Sign

Exterior signs for businesses differ case by case. Even storefront signage can vary wildly between similar stores. We consider all this.

During your free consultation, we’ll learn everything we need to know about your business, branding guidelines, street presence, and what we can do to attract attention to your brand and location.

As the face of your business, your storefront sign must reflect what you stand for. When your sign reflects your brand, it’s more likely to attract the right clientele.

We’ll design a sign that’s suited to you. It’ll also be attractive, eye-catching, and long-lasting, proudly displaying and promoting your brand long-term.

Channel Letter Storefront Signs

Sewickley Outdoor Signs channel letters vinyl banner outdoor building 300x225Channel letter signs are among our most popular outdoor signs. They’re created by fixing cut metal elements, such as letters, numbers, and images, to a backboard. Incredibly versatile, channel letter signs can spell out the business name and slogan.

You can even incorporate your logo and other images into it. It is easily customizable, and you can choose from various colors, styles, and sizes.

Backlit Channel Letters: Is your business open late?

We also provide lighted exterior signs for those businesses that operate after dark. From interior lighted channel letters and cabinet signs to backlit dimensional letters, they help you get attention in evening hours and poor weather conditions.

LED backlighting keeps your backlighting shining out in any condition.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Awning Sign

Our canopy signs offer a beautiful boutique feel to your business.

Awning signs are popular with cafes and specialty shops. They look great and provide shelter from the elements. We typically use stretched canvas on our awning signs.

However, we’re happy to adapt to your needs, and have made signs for many different types of canopies and awnings.

Monument Signs

monument sign

Monumental by name and design, monument signs create an impressive first impression for any business. Custom-made and carved from stone or marble, they’re ideally situated at the entrance to your company.

Our monument signs are large, permanent structures. We believe they scream quality and durability – your customers will, too.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

custom pole signStand out and above your competition with a towering pole sign. Mounted upon a tall pole, these signs represent the ultimate business visibility.

Pole signs and pylon signs are ideal for reaching customers from far away and are often used to attract customers from interstates, highways, and busy roadways. Standing taller than typical exterior signage, they give your business a real edge. We often see pole and pylon signs at car dealerships, gas stations, fast-food restaurants, shopping centers, and grocery stores.

Promotional Outdoor Signage

custom promotional signsExterior signage comes in many shapes and sizes.

From simple outdoor banners to outdoor digital signs, every business can benefit from attractive, promotional outdoor signage that promotes their products, services, and brand.

In addition to our vast range of storefront signs, we can create the perfect custom promotional signs for your business.

Our exterior sign services include:

Whether you want a matching set of neon signs to compliment your bar or a simple yard sign, Pittsburgh Sign Company is here to help. We also create cohesive indoor signs, vinyl signs, vehicle wraps, and custom signs for a complete business branding solution!

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

custom outdoor sign installationHere at Pittsburgh Sign Company, we don’t just make signs. We offer full service, with your needs and desires as our top priority. From the very first consultation, we’re with you every step of the way. We’ll design, manufacture, install, and even maintain your signs.

Our exterior signage service is flexible and effective. If required, we can create signs to match your existing signage. Otherwise, our designers are happy to create something from scratch. If you have any ideas, we will strive to incorporate them. You are in control the entire way, and we won’t begin manufacturing until you have given the go-ahead.

We use high-quality materials and the latest technology to create all our exterior signs. Manufactured right here in Sewickley, PA, there are no long waits. Once complete, our expert installers will ensure your sign is safe and secure. Fitted correctly, it will stand the test of time.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

Sewickley Outdoor Signs plogo 300x140

As the face of your Sewickley business, you must get your outdoor signs right.

Be seen and reach your ideal customers now with a top-quality, custom sign from Pittsburgh Sign Company. We custom create attractive building signs, promotional signs, vehicle wraps, and any other outdoor signs you need to attract more clients and customers and make more sales

Contact Pittsburgh Sign Company today at 412-365-4699 to arrange a Free Consultation with an Exterior Sign Expert.