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Commercial Building Signs
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Pittsburgh Commercial Building Signs


When it comes to making a first impression on potential clients and customers, your storefront or building facade plays a key role.

storefront building signAt Pittsburgh Sign Company we want to make sure the impression that you make is a spectacular one!

Having business signage that is both attractive and of high-quality is a great way of making you stand out from your competition, it can capture the interest of people passing by and ultimately increase your bottom line. Whether you want to use a logo sign to help build your brand or want to use promotional signs to attract more visitors, we are ready to design, manufacture and install a great sign for your Pittsburgh business.

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The Right Sign For Your Building

Building SignThe requirements of businesses can vary, which means their building signage needs vary too. The decisions that you make regarding your signage will be affected by your brand character, the budget you have, your competition and who your target audience is.

One of our specialists in business signs will carry out an on-site evaluation to understand your building, take measurements and make product, process and sign recommendations which will best suit you. We care for all aspects of the custom design, from the initial consultation to the installing of your sign, including designing, manufacturing, repairing and maintaining your new signage if you need.

Types Of Building Signs

Wall SignOur specialists are likely to make a recommendation from one of several common sign types. We will consider your location and business type so that we can recommend a sign that will either blend in with the surrounding signs or act as a contrast so that you stand out. Whatever way, we are all about delivering on the right sign for your Pittsburgh, PA business needs, as well as your location.

Each sign that we make is custom made. So even if you choose to use the same sign type as surrounding businesses, your business sign will still stand out as being unique, yet it will also have a cohesive factor.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Custom Channel Letter Building SignChannel letters, the most popular choice, are really versatile and allow the client to choose font, color, and style. Individual letters, numbers, shapes, and logos can all included in channel letters and dimensional letters. A wide variety of businesses, from manufacturing facilities to retailers opt for this choice as they are durable and offer exceptional customization. Light can be housed in channel letters since they usually have a transparent face. Dimensional letters tend to be cut from a sheet of metal or acrylic and can benefit from a backlight so that they can attract attention.

Lighted Signs

Lighted SignSo that your business can be found 24-7, lighted building signs can be used. A variety of signs can work well with lighting or backlighting. Cabinet signs will usually be made with an inner lighted element and channel letter signs are often backlit. Perfect for places which tend to have later opening hours, such as bars, gas stations, and theaters, signs with lighting can really give your business a needed sense of visibility.

Projecting Signs, Hanging Signs & Blade Signs

Projecting Sign, Hanging SignWhatever name you give it, these signs are perpendicular to your building instead of being a sign that sits flat to your facade. They can be in the form of cabinet signs with backlighting or custom materials like wood or metal. Such signs work well in stopping foot traffic and are often used along with a storefront sign, or to provide direction for a business which does not have a specific storefront, like a seamstress located above a bookstore.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Custom Building Sign & Awning SignAwning signs have a twofold purpose, they identify the business and provide a protection for the storefront. Usually, these signs are made from stretched canvas, however, metal, fabric or another material type can also be used when required. We certainly recommend that the product used is weather resistant so that the sign will be as durable as possible. It’s easy to create a boutique-feel with the help of an awning sign and they also provide a practical purpose, like for a hotel with an open-air cafe.

Free Building Sign Consultation

Pittsburgh Sign Company are looking forward to working along with you to create the ideal sign for your Pittsburgh business. We fully understand important your business sign is to your brand and your customer base.

Call Pittsburgh Sign Company at 412-365-4699 for your Free Consultation with a Building Signs Expert!