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Pittsburgh Car Wraps


Maximize your marketing opportunity with custom car wraps and graphics by Pittsburgh Sign Company!

Pittsburgh Car Wraps Mango vehicle car Wrap 300x200There are many corporations out there that makes use of company vehicles, whether making deliveries or just providing them to employees for business use. Vehicle wraps are a way to use these company cars to get a message across and market to potential customers on the go. Not only do you get to advertise your Pittsburgh business to other drivers, but you can present them with your branded logo and contact information consistently.

Traveling back and forth to work, you are promoting your company to everyone you pass on the road. You reach hundreds of people just by driving around. Not only that but by taking the same route, you are running into some of the same people over and over, further reinforcing your brand.

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Take Your Marketing To A New Level

Pittsburgh Car Wraps partial car wrap vehicle graphics lettering vinyl 300x225Driving a regular vehicle, you are just blending in with traffic, whether you are on a backcountry road or in the middle of a bustling city. People don’t notice you as they pass on by. They are too preoccupied with what they are doing.

Picture instead that you have one of our customized vehicle wraps on your company car. You take the same roads, people see the advertisements, and they start calling you. Prior to investing in a vehicle wrap, no one saw your car and called your place of business. Now you’re getting calls just from driving around during your daily commute.

Vehicle wraps are a unique marketing method, providing your business with maximum exposure in your local area. Prospective customers are driving right along beside you, and you can reach them easier. These are people who are going to want to do business with you. You’ve seen the people standing on the side of road dancing and holding signs. You’ve seen cars pass by you with vehicle wraps. Those experiences are memorable, and you are going to provide potential customers with that same brand recognition. Your car and company are certainly going to get noticed, as our wraps catch the attention of passersby.

Completely Customized to Your Needs

Pittsburgh Car Wraps car wrap full 300x225Our company knows that your Pittsburgh, PA business is unique and has a distinct marketing message to get across to customers. The vehicle wrap that you use needs to provide your customers with that message. Those professional images are eye-catching and grab the attention of people driving by.

Our company can create not just vehicle wraps but also magnets, too, with graphics that make sense for the company vehicle you’re driving. We design the best products and will find the right solution for your business.

We not only design the wraps and magnets, but we create and install them as well.

What type of company vehicles do you have? We even design vehicle wraps for RVs and ATVs. After time has passed and your business goes through changes, you should know we’re able to change or alter the wraps vs. you having to order new ones.

Protect Your Vehicle Investment

Pittsburgh Car Wraps wraps 3 300x172The wraps we create use a vinyl film that is very durable, and it is both very nice looking and works to help keep your vehicle’s paint job intact, seeing as how it is shielded from the elements. We provide you with one of the best branding tools, and to boot, it helps to protect your vehicle, too.

From start to finish, our team of professionals handles everything, designing, manufacturing and installing a product that is held to the highest standards. We want to provide you with the best custom vehicle wrap.

Complete Wrap Manufacturer

Pittsburgh Car Wraps custom vinyl vehicle wrap installation graphics 300x221Vehicle wraps are what we do. They are our passion, and our team is dedicated to every aspect of the process. We gather ideas from you, and we design a custom vehicle wrap that is going to get the job done, attracting new customers. We customize the best graphics for our vehicle wraps to help get your business better visibility.

When you need a vehicle wrap changed, removed or replaced, our team of professionals can help you out.

Free Car Wrap Consultation

We are able to help get your company’s message to your customers and increase the visibility of your brand. We can provide you with custom vehicle wraps, magnets, and even other signage. Choose us as your one-stop shop for everything sign related because we are dedicated to helping local Pittsburgh businesses reach more potential customers.

Call Pittsburgh Sign Company today at 412-365-4699 for a Free Consultation with a Car Wrap Specialist!